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We believe the future of food in this country is based upon true product freshness, customization of product, and product delivered rapidly and frequently into the market. Our model is essentially centered around a “regional” concept, which puts us close to the customer with a wide, but interrelated range of fresh food products – value-added vegetables, refrigerated deli salads, soups and stews, sauces, sandwiches, and fruit.

No other provider does just what we do. Our unique value proposition is based upon our service model that literally drives freshness into the consumer’s purchase.

Vaughan Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reser's Fine Foods.

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Vaughan Foods   •   216 N.E. 12th Street   •   Moore, Oklahoma   •   Ph. 1-800-968-2203   •    Fax 888-891-8531  email
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